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Spiritual healing is an integral part of our church services.

There are two basic types of healing that you will have the opportunity to experience when you come to one of our live church services.

Healing Sent Through a Guided Meditation

During each service, we offer a healing meditation. Blending of our energies through meditation is an important part of our time together. 

Attendees are invited to close their eyes and are led through a peaceful guided meditation for healing.

Optional Hands on Healing

for those in physical attendance

(Light touch on the shoulders)

In Spiritualist churches we offer the option of hands on healing. This is when our trained Healers lightly touch the shoulders of the healee, channeling healing energy from those in spirit.  These gentle healings are approximately two to four minutes in duration.

Evidential Mediumship Demonstration

Mediumship is an important part of every church service.  During the service, attendees have the opportunity to receive a message from their departed loved ones through a Spiritualist Medium.


Spiritualism asserts that our consciousness is eternal.  We believe that the "spark of God" that is in you and me, continues after our so called physical death.

The act of bringing messages from our departed loved ones (mediumship) has two primary functions. It brings honor and respect to those who have gone before us.  It also demonstrates survival, bringing comfort and encouragement to those who remain on earth.  Through the demonstration of evidential mediumship, we come to understand more fully, that Love & Life are eternal and that we are never truly alone.

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