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May Newsletter, 2023

White Flower

Hello Members!

We hope you have a happy summer and look forward to seeing you in the fall!
Our summer get togethers will be listed on our website, and on our social media pages!
Email voting for our Board of Trustees is open beginning today and we will accept votes through email until June 4 th . Voting this year also includes by-law changes for three of our bylaws. Email your votes to Your voice and your votes are important!
Our Annual Membership Meeting is June 11 th at 12:30. You can attend in person or through electronic device. Details on how to join electronically will be sent out in the June newsletter.


Please remember the annual membership fees of $30 for the 2023-2024 year are due by May 15th. Fees can be paid though our Donate button on our website or mailed to church. Membership fees need to be current to be a nominee or to vote. The National Association of Churches requires a membership fee from each member under the terms of the charter. Thank you!

Nominees for the Board of Trustees are:
President: Susan Messinger
Vice President: None
Secretary: None
Treasurer: Karen Francisco

3 Trustee positions are open: Marlynne Hodges, Laura Magnusson, Leon Walker-Metts

Attached are letters from the candidates about why they want to run.
Following are the proposed by law changes. They are numbered, so in your email vote, you can just say
“1, Yes or no” and so on for each one.
1. Article 9, Section 4
Thirty percent (30%) of the members in good standing, at least four (4) being Board members must be
present to open a membership board meeting.
Change to “Thirty percent (30%) of the members in good standing, at least three (3) being Board

Members must be present to open a membership meeting.”
2. Article 5, Section 8
All persons must be a member in good standing for one (1) year and residing in the State of Wisconsin
before they may hold office in this Church.
Change to “All persons must be a member in good standing for one (1) year.”
3. Article 10, Section 1

Individual membership dues of the Church shall be decided upon by the Board of Directors, payable
annually at the Membership Meeting in June.
Change to “payable annually by May 15 th before the Membership Meeting in June.”

Thank you!
First Spiritualist Church of West Allis Board of Trustees


I would formally like to run for President. I have served three terms as a
trustee on the board and one term as Vice President during which I
assumed the role of President. I know the responsibility of this role from
observing other great President examples and learning in an active
capacity. I have completed the Morris Pratt studies and currently hold a
certification for Commissioned Healer. I hope to bring the combination
of my love for Spiritualism, this church, and my organizational skills
together to help forward our church now and in the future.
Susan Messinger

No nominees at this time

No nominees at this time

Board members,
I would like to put my name up for re-election. I feel that I have been a good
custodian of our church's funds.
I know that I am not in church regularly but have been a long-time member and
feel a great appreciation and commitment for it.
As in the past, I will do all I can to care for and help the church flourish.
Respectfully submitted,
Karen Francisco

“I would be interested in a board position and any volunteering that is needed.”
Leon Walker-Metts
Leon and I exchanged emails, he would like to run for a Trustee position. – Rev.
Debbie Malison

“I would like to be considered to continue running for Trustee. Thank you for
Marlynne Hodges

“I would like to run for Trustee.”
Laura Magnusson

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